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DotZLib::Codec Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for DotZLib::Codec:

DotZLib::CodecBase DotZLib::Deflater DotZLib::Inflater

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Detailed Description

Declares methods and events for implementing compressors/decompressors.

Definition at line 174 of file DotZLib.cs.

Public Member Functions

void Add (byte[] data, int offset, int count)
 Adds more data to the codec to be processed.
void Add (byte[] data)
 Adds more data to the codec to be processed.
void Finish ()
 Finishes up any pending data that needs to be processed and handled.


uint Checksum [get]
 Gets the checksum of the data that has been added so far.


DataAvailableHandler DataAvailable
 Occurs when more processed data are available.

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